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''Bringing smiles to the community, one angel at a time...''
CJA Behavioral Services, LLC is an agency established since May 2003.  
 CJA provides quality services for mental illness, challenging behaviors, and people with disabilities. We help achieve their personal outcomes, enhance their general well-being, and improve their independence. Together we can make a difference in their lives.
Our founder Carmen created CJA with the purpose to help individuals with mental health illness, individuals with behavioral challenges and people with a disability. With passion and care, we strive to help each individual to reach their dreams, while also having the best service that they can receive. We feel that our recipient should also be happy with their personal lives, have the opportunity to be safe, and enable the recipient to achieve a quality of life they desire by identifying goals through a person-center approach and funding services/support.
 CJA Behavioral Services helps individuals by coordinating and offering culturally sensitive health care on the individual’s needs and abilities while optimizing their ability for recovery, which will promote and enhance emotional, social, and personal growth.

Executive Director

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